Why use our Bitcoin ATM?

customer@kiosk2All Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) charge some sort of transaction fee. Most Bitcoin ATM’s charge a fee as well. So why use a Bitcoin ATM where you lose some percentage of your money?

  • Safety — You trust the ATM but you don’t trust ‘some guy’ on localbitcoins.com or craigslist. Personal meetups come with a degree of danger, using an ATM in a public location is much safer!
  • Speed — You want the bitcoins now at your convenience and not ‘later’ when you schedule a meeting with a seller in person. You can have bitcoins, in your wallet, or in your hand as a paper wallet, in 5 minutes or less in most cases.
  • Speed — You don’t want to have to go through the pain of registering and opening an account and having to wait until you get “verified” and so on.
  • Size — You want to buy a small amount of bitcoins. Many sellers only conduct sales or sell near market price IF you buy $500 or more BTC at a time.
  • Security — You don’t trust the sketchy looking websites that offer to instantly sell you bitcoins. Many reviews from buyers say they weren’t happy with the service where they didn’t get the stated price and the BTC weren’t sent until days after they wired their money.
  • Security — You don’t want to have to upload your ID, and provide other personal information to ‘some company’ because you’re concerned about identity fraud and other important privacy issues.
  • Simple —  Hopefully using the ATM is so simple and straight forward, that after the first time you use it, you know what to expect!


 Point of Coin is bringing the future of Bitcoin to you!  Purchase Bitcoin with minimal transaction fees in a public, easy-to-access, safe and secure location.