(Last Updated : 01/13/16 – 14:30 PST)

The machine is back up! Thank you for your patience!




[last updated : 14:50 – 01/12/2016]

Appears to still be down – but hoping it should be back up before the end of the day.




Customers of Point of Coin: There appears to be a backend outage on romit.io, which is the bitcoin-backend used by the Robocoin ATM’s we’ve deployed. While you can sign in, any attempts to buy/sell end up with the ‘spinning’ screen that never recovers. Rather than risk affecting customers, we’ve temporarily turned off the ATM at the Westfield Mall until the situation is resolved.

Please note, this is affecting all Romit.io/Robocoin customers, so the Portland machine is affected as well. 🙁 We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, and we’re monitoring the situation closely. We’ll update news as soon as the situation changes.

Thank you for being our customers!

Donn Lasher
Point of Coin LLC
O: 360.936.4355
T: @pointofcoin