#Bitcoin #ATM #Vancouver status update [01/07/15]

So the site isn’t even months old, and I’ve already broken the first rule of maintaining a site.. “Don’t Let Your Content Become Stale”.




However, it’s been a crazy crazy month, Christmas, vacations, etc, so let me take a minute to catch you up.

  1. Yes, the ATM is installed, connected, waiting, ready. Flip the switch and it’s usable. Where’s the machine?
  2. Yes, we have our MSB/MT status from Washington state. Finally.
  3. Yes, we’re waiting because of the current turmoil with Bitstamp. Click here if you don’t know anything about it.
  4. Machine fees will be 5%, which seems to be the standard, both in this area, and nationally for Bitcoin ATM’s. We expect to lower these as volume and competition dictate.
  5. Transaction limits will be $3,000 per user, per day. These values are configurable PER USER, so if you have a need for greater volume, please contact us directly with details.
  6. Thank you to Westfield for their patience as we all waited for the state to complete their verification & checks.

On behalf of all of PointOfCoin, I’d like to apologize for the delays. Given the current Bitstamp issues, we feel it’s better to wait a few days before turning the machine on. Thank you to the individuals who have reached out asking if the machine is open yet, we’re just as anxious as you are. I’ll make a big post here when we can finally click “GO”.



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