Dubai becomes the first country to create “official” state CryptoCurrency

Fascinating news, for the first time, a country is creating a Cryptocurrency for official use.

A partnership has been set up to develop and implement emCash, an encrypted digital currency, which people can use to pay for various government and non-government services in Dubai.

According to state news agency WAM, Emcredit, a subsidiary of Dubai Economy, and the UK-based Object Tech Group Ltd will work together to establish contactless payments.

Based on the latest blockchain technology, emCash will be the digital currency in emPay wallet, launched by Emcredit to support contactless payments.

emPay will allow the UAE residents to make varied payments through the near field communication (NFC) option on their smartphones.


See the rest of the article here.



Fidelity is mining Bitcoin?

I guess it was inevitable, but to see it admitted publicly is a surprise to me! Big financial business mining Cryptocoins?

One of Fidelity’s projects is mining bitcoin and ethereum, which Johnson said was started for educational purposes, but now turns a tidy profit. “We set up a small bitcoin and ethereum mining operation…that miraculously now is actually making a lot of money,” she said.


Read more about it over at the Quartz Article


Bitcoin News from Finland!

Outstanding news for Bitcoin today, from Finland.

“Bitcoin is a monopoly run by a protocol, not by a managing organization. Familiar monopolies are run by managing organizations with discretion to determine and then change prices, offerings and rules. Monopolies are often regulated to prevent or at least mitigate their abuse of power”


Finland Central Bank Praises Bitcoin

It’s a jungle out there!

So, it may surprise some of you to know that there are other Crypto currencies other than Bitcoin. One of the most dominant is a coin called Ethereum, which has a feature allowing sub-coins/aka-tokens to be created by anyone. This, in turn has opened up the door to abuse. Take a few minutes to read the article below, and walk the brave new world of digital money with the same care you would your real money. Be safe!


The ICO world is full of pump-and-dump schemes — don’t be a victim

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Changes are afoot

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What can I do to get ready?

When will it come to Vancouver?

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We’re excited about these changes and thank you for your continued support.
Together, we’re working to help make Bitcoin accessible for everyone.

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